The Trump Movement Has Taken Over Melania’s Hometown!

Make Sevnica Great Again!
Melaina’s home town is bustling with energy, excitement, and tourism.
Double the usual tourism, actually, now that their hometown girl is America’s dazzling and elegant First Lady.
Not only that, but American patriotism is soaring, too!
From Breitbart
SEVNICA, Slovenia — Janez Levstik offers a bright smile and a firm handshake when he greets visitors at the information center in the heart of Sevnica, a hamlet of 5,000 in southeastern Slovenia.
The tours he leads these days, however, aren’t to the medieval castle (Gard Sevnica) or to hilltops with views of the picturesque River Sava that runs through the heart of town.
Now tourists come from near and far — including the United States of America — to join the “First Lady tour,” a two-hour walking trip that winds through the streets to visit shops that carry White House slippers and Prva Dama (First Lady) apple pie.
Just steps away from the information center is the elementary school that Melania attended. The school, like much of the town around it, reflects the history that dates back to medieval and even darker times.
The school is named for Savo Kladnik, a young man who fought against the more than four-year German Nazi occupation of the former Yugoslavia.
The elementary school Melania Trump attended is named after a young man who resisted the Nazis and died at a concentration camp at 20. (Breitbart News/Penny Starr)
“He was put in a concentration camp and then he was shot,” Levstik said.
A bronze statue of the young man, described by countrymen as a hero and patriot who died at 20 years of age, sits near the entryway of the school.
Another memorial is near the train station. It lists the names of other men who died fighting for freedom before the 10-day war for Slovenian independence in 1991.
Levstik translates the words that say the men “died for you before freedom came.”
Another stop on the tour is a bakery where miniature pies made from local apples are sold. They’re decorated with an American flag and a crust emblazoned with an “M” for Melania.
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