Tomi Lahren is Gearing Up for an EPIC Debate!

This could be the one of the most interesting debates of the century, and will certainly be entertaining.
Tomi Lahren vs Chelsea Handler is happening, and there’s no doubt this debate will be one to watch.
The debate is set to take place at Politicon next week in southern California.
Tomi is gearing up for the debate and arming herself with facts, which we all know Chelsea will be short of, as all liberals seem to be these days.
Lahren says she’s aware that Handler, a left-wing “comedian,” will likely fall back on “humor” when she falls short of factual content, and will try to insult her to throw her off, but she’s prepared for that.
Tomi is gonna wipe the floor up with Handler!
Every Hollywood liberal seems to fancy themselves to be political “experts” these days, however, their “expertise” generally consists of calling President Trump a racist, or relying on a stream of filth and hateful rhetoric in a pathetic attempt to obfuscate from relevant topics.
Conservative commentator Tomi Lahren told Fox Business’ Stuart Varney Thursday that she’s “ready” for her upcoming debate on President Trump against comedian Chelsea Handler.
“I’m excited about debating Chelsea Handler,” the former Blaze TV Host explained when asked about her debate at Politicon next week in southern California.
“Most people wouldn’t be too excited about that. I’m excited for the conversation, it needs to happen.”
“I find most liberals, they don’t quite know why [they hate Trump], especially in Hollywood, they don’t quite know why they hate President Trump so much,” she added.  “They just do. I want to know why.”
“Do you think she is going to demigod,” Varney asked. “Do you think she is going to abandon that laughter making role and be just plain nasty?”
“Comedians are tricky,” Lahren explained. “What they do is when they are not solid on the issues or the policy then they revert to the humor and they make a mockery of you. But luckily I’ve been there, I’ve done that.”
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