Trump and Putin Team Up to TROLL and TRIGGER the FAKE NEWS Media

This has been the moment so many of us have waited for: the meeting between President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.
The duo, having been targets by the lying press and every unhinged liberal zombie on the planet, teamed up to completely trigger the entire left with a handshake and a friendly meeting.
If you listen closely, you can literally HEAR the epic levels of liberal butt-hurt, and it is glorious!
Folks, we are reaching levels of liberal butt-hurt that shouldn’t even be possible, so sit back and enjoy watching them cry like the petulant children they are.
As President Trump just keeps on winning, it is a sheer pleasure to watch as the left crumbles, and it’s even more enjoyable knowing that Trump knows exactly which buttons to push to send liberals into a triggered frenzy.
President Donald Trump sat down with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany, on Friday and the two world leaders made headlines as expected.
First, much was made of their initial handshake and Trump’s pat on the back. Now the president’s critics are honing in on a statement he made to the press while sitting across from Putin:
“President Putin and I have been discussing various things. And I think it’s going very well. We have had very, very good talks. We are going to have a talk now, and obviously that will continue. But we look forward to a lot of good, positive things happening for Russia, and for the United States and for everybody concerned.”
Apparently, the fact that he said “Russia” before “the United States” has some significant meaning. That led some to accuse the president of putting “Russia first.” The Response’s Gary Legum even covered the whole ordeal.
He actually said: "We look forward to very good things happening for RUSSIA and the United States."

He cited Russia FIRST, @NBCNightlyNews. 
"We look forward to a lot of very positive things happening for Russia and the United States"

- Trump

Looks like it's still Russia first.
Trump literally put Russia first before the US today. He's not even trying to hide it.
Trump also told Putin, “It’s an honor to be with you.” Putin replied, “I’m delighted to meet you.”
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