Trump Supporter Tells Fake Media “Trump Being on Twitter IS PRESIDENTIAL!”

The media is in absolute meltdown mode over President Trump’s Twitter account.
The first tweets to cause this latest uproar were Trump’s tweets to the venomous duo on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

After months and months of unfair, fake news attacks from “lovebirds” Mika and Joe, President Trump struck back, calling Mika “low IQ,” and her boyfriend Joe a “psycho.”
Next up, Trump tweeted a parody video of himself “body slamming” CNN, WWE-style.
These tweets have sent the liberal media into another realm of hyper-lunacy, and they’re now claiming Trump is not “presidential.”
This Trump supporter went on a rant, claiming if the “PRESIDENT” does something – since he’s THE PRESIDENT, it’s automatically “presidential.”
He also encouraged Trump to ignore the press and keep on tweetin’.
Watch the video:

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