Trump Supporters Open a Can of WHOOP ASS on GOP Over #RepealObamacare

The GOP has had 7 or so years to come up with an alternative to the disastrous and failed Obamacare.
7 years.
And yet today, we sit here watching a chaotic cluster-bleep unfold.
It’s as if these idiots just discovered TODAY that Obamacare existed, now they don’t know what to do, and can’t agree on anything.
That’s not why we elected these people to public office.
This is not why they collect our HARD-EARNED tax dollars for their paychecks.
The GOP has bitched and moaned about Obamacare for over 7 years, and yet…
When given the chance to repeal and replace, they drop the ball.
Trump supporters, who are livid with the DC BS and dysfunction, took to Twitter to blast the do-nothing Congress.

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