Trump Supporters React to Linda Sarsour Calling for JIHAD Against Trump

The “darling” of the Democrat Party, radical jihadist Linda Sarsour, is causing quite a stir with remarks she made at a HAMAS fundraiser.
Yes, I said “Hamas,” the TERROR ORGANIZATION.
The fact that she was speaking THERE, should be enough.
But, it actually gets worse.
Far worse.
During her RADICAL remarks, which sounded straight out of the ISIS playbook, Sarsour called for JIHAD against President Trump.
She also made it clear that MUSLIMS will NOT “assimilate” to any culture.
Her comments are a dog whistle for terrorists around the world to commit crimes against Trump and his supporters.
She should be deported immediately.
Trump supporters took to Twitter to share their outrage at the radical Islamic terrorist, Linda Sarsour.
Linda Sarsour, a prominent Dem leader, just called on "Allah" to honor Jihad against Trump and America.

Welcome to the Democrat party.
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Remember this when you vote in 2018:
RADICAL JIHADIST "Linda Sarsour" is the FACE of liberal feminism.
The Democrat Party is 100% 
Islamist Linda Sarsour calls on Allah to honor their JIHAD against President Trump at Hamas fundraiser. Absolutely sickening. 
Linda Sarsour

-Hopes 'Allah accepts (fighting Trump & admin) as a form of JIHAD'
-No need 'to assimilate'

The left loves Linda. Hmm...🤔
Linda Sarsour is trending. Call her out on her calls for jihad & for Muslims to not assimilate. This "moderate" Muslim is a terrorist.
Linda Sarsour: "We must stay outraged."

Yes we you for cruelly mocking a victim of female genital mutilation (@Ayaan). 
Hey @realDonaldTrump,

Please, for the safety of you and Americans, deport Linda Sarsour immediately.

She is a growing threat to America.
ARREST Linda Sarsour for inciting terrorism! She called for Jihad against President Trump & America at a fundraiser for a Hamas-tied group.
The inconvenient truth...Here's what feminists, liberals don't get, she's not on our side. Linda Sarsour is against America 
Make no mistake, the Democrat Party is #AltISIS.
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