Trump Supporters React to Unhinged Rosie THREATENING Trump’s Life

We all knew it would only be a matter of time until Rosie O’Donnell demanded Trump’s head on a platter.
In her case, it’s a wonder Rosie didn’t demand President Trump’s head, severed by Kathy Griffin herself, deep fried and served with a side of French fries, like a perverse version of a “blooming onion.”
That being said, the unhinged O’Donnell is now promoting a disgusting game, where the objective is basically to push President Trump off a cliff.
Can you imagine if a conservative celebrity had endorsed a game featuring violence against former President Obama?
This woman has so many of her own personal problems – including an adopted daughter who hates her guts – yet all she does is obsess over President Trump.
It’s almost as if Rosie is just desperate for the attention now, as her “career” has faltered and faded to the point of obscurity; her relentless attacks on our president are more of a pathetic cry for help than anything.
Trump supporters on Twitter came out in full force to rally against Rosie and her sick comments.

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