Trump’s YUGE Announcement is TRIGGERING Anti-Trump Feminists

We’ve all heard the tired narrative by now, “President Trump is sexist!”
Nobody really believes it, except for a handful of brainwashed, drooling, liberal zombies, yet the fake news media continues to push it.
Now, President Trump is proving how false that accusation is, yet again, by pledging $50 million dollars to help female entrepreneurs all over the world.
Trump has a long history of treating women as equals, and trusting them with jobs that have previously been occupied only by men.
Anti-Trump liberal feminists are surely enraged, since they now have to find something else to hate our America First president for.
As the press and idiotic liberals continue to lie about President Trump, he just keeps proving them wrong and keeps winning!
Donald Trump doesn’t care about equality for women. It’s a claim that we’ve all heard before. He hates women more than PETA hates a good juicy steak.
In fact, he hates women so much that he gave his daughter, Ivanka, an advisory role in his administration. Additionally, according to the Washington Post — an outlet that delivers around-the-clock criticism of the commander in chief — Trump’s female employees believe he is a “champion” for women.
But wait a minute, I thought Trump hated women. After all, feminists who despise Trump are protesting his policies all across America. The disgruntled activists grab the headlines with their odd choice of headgear and their messages against the president. And the protests haven’t died down much either.
But the feminists who hate Trump and don’t think he does anything positive for women just had a good chunk of their narrative crushed with a wrecking ball. The wrecking ball: Trump just pledged 50 million dollars from the U.S. to help female entrepreneurs around the world.
According to The Hill:
President Trump on Saturday committed the U.S. to contributing $50 million to the new World Bank Group Facility for Women Entrepreneurship, one of First Daughter Ivanka Trump’s causes.
“The critical investments we’re announcing today will help advance the economic empowerment of women around the world,” Trump said at a meeting of world leaders on Saturday. “Empowering women is a core value that binds us together.”
The initiative, which had its official launch on Saturday at the G-20 Summit, is intended to make a big difference for female entrepreneurs everywhere. President Trump heaped praised on the idea and thinks it can create a better world for millions, via Politico:
“When more women participate in the workforce, which by the way will be a lot more competition for people like me prior to government… the world economy will grow and millions of people will be lifted out of poverty.”
In addition, those involved in the initiative seek to turn it into a multibillion-dollar enterprise to empower female entrepreneurs.
It looks like the whole “Trump doesn’t want to help women succeed in life” claim just went up in smoke.
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