Trying to Hide SHADY Background, Mad Max Makes DUMBEST Statement Yet

Can someone call the nursing home for Maxine Waters already?
The senile, Trump-hating granny just can’t stop embarrassing herself, as it seems that every time she opens her mouth, something absurd comes out.
In a recent interview with New York Times Magazine, Waters was asked about the investigation into her improper handling of a financial deal involving her husband, and did her best to dodge the question.
Unfortunately for her, however, she only succeeded in making herself look even more like the braying jackass she really is.
“I was completely exonerated,” said Waters, who quickly added, “There have been numerous times when Trump should have been convicted of a crime…”
As Waters trailed off, unable to give any evidence for her ridiculous statement, she was surely envisioning her own fantasy land, featuring President Trump committing some outlandish crime with Vladimir Putin.
Clearly, Mad Max is suffering from a serious case of “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” one which seems to have no cure.
At this point, the Democrats should do the right thing for Maxine and have her taken to a “safe place,” preferably one with padded walls…
In an interview with New York Times Magazine writer Ana Marie Cox, [Maxine] Waters responded to a question about the House Ethics Committee’s investigation of her in 2012 for improperly intervening on behalf of a bank her husband had a financial stake in…
“I was completely exonerated,” Waters said.
“There have been numerous times when Trump should have been convicted of a crime…”
In other words: “Hey, look over there!!
Waters didn’t specify which crimes Trump has committed, and Cox didn’t seem to think it was worthy of a follow-up question.
She just took it as given, apparently.
Or maybe she just didn’t want to embarrass a fellow Democrat.
But in the interest of historical accuracy, here’s a partial list of Donald Trump’s crimes in office so far:
  • Beating Hillary Clinton
  • Making Maxine Waters angry by beating Hillary Clinton
I think you’ll agree that the man is guilty of the highest treason.
It’s racist to point out how stupid and dishonest Maxine Waters is, so I’ll refrain.

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