UNCOVERED : Obama’s Secret Election Day Plan Will Shock You

The guy who claimed all along there were no “rigged elections” in America, was ready to send armed guards to polling places.
Obama, who feared a cyber attack, had a plan, including police and armed guards at the ready to man polling stations across America, according to a 15-page report prepared by the Obama administration.
It’s likely that Obama had this plan in his back pocket, thinking Hillary would be the winner and President Trump would try and “sabotage” the system.
What a dummy.
From The Blaze
The Obama administration last year wrote a 15-page plan outlining how it would respond to an Election Day cyberattack, which included the possible deployment of armed law enforcement officers to polling places, mobilizing the National Guard and countering planted stories.
The plan aimed to coordinate the federal government’s activity “in support of the cybersecurity of election infrastructure,” and was a playbook to help guide the government’s coordination for responding to cyber incidents impacting the election.
According to the document obtained by Time Magazine, state, local, tribal and territorial governments, including law enforcement agencies, had primary jurisdiction in cases where malicious cyberactivity affected election infrastructure.
“On-scene response efforts” from the federal government would occur at the request of impacted entities.
The response plan included the deployment of “armed federal law enforcement agents” to polling places if intruders were able to stop people from voting.
The plan made available “forces for incident response in a federal status,” which included active and reserve components, as well as the National Guard.
According to the Obama administration’s proposal, the Justice Department and the FBI were prepared to conduct investigations into cyberattacks that occurred on Election Day and were ready to address any “post-election cyber incidents,” such as planted stories or challenges to election results.
Several top intelligence officials warned Obama that the Russians were attempting to influence the election and “undermine public faith in the U.S. democratic process.”
Obama weighed several proposals for retaliating against the Russians for interfering and ultimately decided to shutter two Russian compounds — one in Maryland and the other in New York — and expel 35 Russian diplomats.
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