In keeping with the trend of Berkeley professors engaging in acts of violence, yet another teacher has been arrested, this time for her participation in a massive brawl at the California State Capitol.
Berkeley professor Yvonne Felarca was arrested on charges of “assault by means of force likely to inflict great bodily injury, participating in a riot and inciting a riot.”
This is not simple counter-protesting, or mere demonstrating.
This is street warfare, and the left is determined to use whatever level of violence they deem necessary to completely silence all those who disagree with their ideology.
Felarca, who is a member of the violent left-wing group “By Any Means Necessary,” is set to be in court on Friday, and gave interviews with news crews after the brawl.
These are the people who are teaching young Americans, and they’re certainly not setting a good example by waging bloody warfare in the streets.
Their influence will doubtlessly encourage young people to imitate their violent acts, and will lead to countless lives being ruined in the process.
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