VIDEO : Bernie Gives “The View” a HORRIBLE ANSWER

Bernie Sanders’ wife Jane is under investigation for loan fraud, something which occurred while she was president of Burlington College in Vermont.
Lately, almost everyone has been hammering Bernie on his wife’s investigation, but he usually manages to dodge the question, then flees like a typical liberal.
However, this was not the case with his libtard “homegirls” on The View.
Bernie divulged to them that the investigation “really stinks,” and suggested that his wife is being targeted by those trying to take him down.
In actuality, the investigation started under the Obama Presidency, and many have speculated that Hillary Clinton herself initiated it, as was indicated in the Wikileaks’ Podesta email releases.
So, in a sense, “Uncle Bernie” could be right, but he’s blaming the wrong person.
Rather than try to pin this on the Trump administration, who has absolutely nothing to gain by attacking the decrepit old Communist now, Sanders should turn his gaze to the one was truly desperate to beat him: Hillary Clinton…
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