VIDEO : CNN’s Alisyn Camerota Makes a Fool of Herself, Spreads FAKEST News EVER!

Alisyn Camerota is our current #1 for “most clueless host on CNN.” (though she has a lot of competition.)
Let’s all remember, she is the one who famously advocated all women wear the hijab in solidarity with muslims.
Alisyn recently fled Twitter, probably unable to deal with the loads of negative feedback she must be receiving from her brainless commentary.
So what did she do this time? She claimed President Trump would sell Putin 20% of U.S. Uranium, what Hillary Clinton DID do.
Uh, WHAT????
From MRC
CNN co-host Alisyn Camerota couldn’t resist taking sides on Thursday’s New Day or maybe she was just doing her “job.” However you want to describe it, Camerota once again exposed her network’s frothing hatred for Donald Trump. She claimed that the President would have sold uranium to Russia.
Talking to former senior communications adviser for the Trump Campaign, Jason Miller, this exchange occurred:
JASON MILLER: What we did know at the time is that Secretary Clinton had been very much involved with the Russians, as we talk about the Uranium One deal, which was very scandalous and maybe there was–
CAMEROTA: We keep hearing that talking point. We understand that you guys keep bringing that up.
MILLER: So you don’t think the Uranium One deal was a big deal?
CAMEROTA: And you don’t think President Trump would have approved the Uranium One deal, the person who doesn’t want— we hear his administration doesn’t want Congress to keep sanctions on Russia?
Trump may want to hold off adding additional sanctions but has not stated anything about removing those sanctions already on the books as Camerota claims. Furthermore, Trump has held firm against Russia militarily. But that is beside the point. Why is a journalist claiming that Trump would have done this or that? It is also interesting that Camerota would not defend what Hillary Clinton may have done, but rather only attack Trump for what she telepathically has determined he would do. Also noted was that she did not once challenge the Democrat guest who appeared alongside Miller.
Watch the video:

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