Newt Gingrich is taking the gloves off, and he’s throwing knockout punches at James Comey and his buddy, Robert Mueller.
While discussing Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s ridiculous witch-hunt of an investigation into President Trump, Gingrich sent the heat towards the shady Comey as he RIPPED the disgraced ex-FBI Director for his shameful behavior.
The former House Speaker destroyed James Comey, pointing out his pathetic attempts to hurt President Trump, and slammed him for his “..blatant public, arrogant, abuse of power.”
At one point, Gingrich asked “…why isn’t Comey in the process of being investigated?”
Newt also made sure to take a shot at the Clinton Crime Family as well, considering their ties to foreign influences is quite tangible, and completely ignored by the liberal media.
On the subject of investigating foreign influence peddling in the United States, Gingrich questioned “…how do you do that without investigating the Clinton Foundation, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, and all the people surrounding them?”
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