VIDEO : Constitutional Attorney SHREDS Russia-Conspiracy Obsessed Dems

The enemies of President Trump are unable to let go of the ridiculous, overplayed Russian narrative, and now they’re beating the long-dead horse even further.
Apparently, because Trump spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin at a dinner in Germany, his butt-hurt detractors are yet again trying to use that as “evidence” of collusion between the two.
Professor Jonathan Turley, a DC resident who is quite familiar with “The Swamp,” went on Fox News to discuss the latest fake news regarding the (non existent) Trump-Russian collusion.
Turley explained that President Trump and his family committed no crimes, but their enemies are so absolutely desperate to pin something on them, that they’re grasping at straws and blurring the lines between criminal action and simple mistake.
“People are so eager to bag a Trump that they are willing to take these crimes and take them well beyond their legal moorings,” said Professor Turley, clearly fed up with the left’s latest false allegations against our president.
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