VIDEO : Cop’s EMOTIONAL Plea for Celebs & BLM to CARE About Dead NYPD Officer

This video will give you chills.
An NYPD police officer called out Hollywood and Black Lives Matter over their disgusting silence about the murder of police officer Miosotis Familia.
And it’s going viral.
Familia, 48, was sitting in a police vehicle, when the ex-convict shot her in the head.

This is the vigil that NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio skipped in order to attend VIOLENT/communist G20 protests in Germany.
What a guy, right?
Sunday, an NYPD officer vented his frustration with the lack of sympathy, and complete silence from celebrities and Black Lives Matter over the murder of Familia, a black female and mother of 3.
He sat in his patrol car, asking why “low-life scum” gets praise and sympathy, while people who give their lives to protect them aren’t given the love and respect they deserve.

Powerful and true.
Watch the video:

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