VIDEO : Gorka “Trump-Putin Dinner Story Shows Desperation of Media”

The propagandists in the liberal media are spreading yet another LIE about our president, in a pathetic and frantic attempt to push their “Russia collusion” conspiracy theory, despite the fact that Americans are not interested.
To suit their Russia collusion narrative, several mainstream fake news media outlets reported that President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin held a second, undisclosed “meeting” at the G-20 summit.
However, this is just more FAKE NEWS, and Trump debunked these rumors as vicious lies.
Gorka points out that this Trump-Putin dinner story just shows how desperate the media really is.
At this point, it’s embarrassing, because no matter how hard these hacks try to push their half-assed lies on us, the American people do not care, nor do we believe a word of it.
Their narrative is not working, nobody is buying it, but the lying liberal media refuses to drop it, and they just keep doubling down on this insane “Russia” nonsense, completely oblivious to the damage they’re doing to themselves.
Watch the video:
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