VIDEO : Huckabee Reminds Libs WWE Tweet “Art” Like Shakespeare Assassination Play

As Democrats continue to scream and cry over President Trump’s recent WWE-themed tweet, decrying it as “violent” in an attempt to portray our president as unfit to lead, Americans are getting more sick of their attacks than ever before.
Mike Huckabee took an opportunity to remind the unhinged left that Trump’s wrestling tweet was nothing compared to the brutal violence which the left has loudly called for against our president.
From ISIS-inspired mock beheadings, countless assassination threats, the playfeaturing the murder of a man bearing the likeness of President Trump, to a politically motivated shooting; liberals have defended the left-wing violence with steadfast resolve.
Democrats claim these not-so-subtle calls for violence are “art,” and use that lame excuse to justify calling for violence against our president and his supporters.
Now, Huckabee is reminding them that if their twisted and violent depictions of Trump qualify as “art,” then so does the president’s tweet.
Watch the video:
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