VIDEO : Jesse Watters on Trump Tweets “He’s a FORCE of Nature!”

The lying liberal media is an uproar over President Trump’s tweets.
From his tweet war with the demonic duo over at MSNBC’s Morning Joe, to the “body slamming” CNN tweet, the fake news media and Democrats are going bonkers over Trump’s Twitter account.
It’s gotten so bad, that the lying media is now claiming President Trump is “inciting violence,” and Democrat lawmakers actually believe they can IMPEACH the President over his tweet storm.
Those of us who are not blinded by “Trump Derangement Syndrome” know his use of Twitter is what helped him win the election, and allows the president to bypass the lying media and get his message directly to the American people.
Jesse Watters put it best when he said President Trump’s use of Twitter is like a “force of nature.”
Watch the video:

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