VIDEO : Judge Jeanine Dishes Truth on Crooked Mueller

This Russia investigation is a crock.
Everyone knows it, from the American people to the crew of elites and media libtards who continuously push the narrative on us without mercy.
Now, it’s even more of a joke, considering it’s being headed by Robert Mueller, who’s an old buddy of James Comey, the disgraced former FBI Director.
Mueller has clearly brought a biased agenda into this investigation, and even had the audacity to apply for the position of FBI Director under President Trump before heading up this “Special Counsel.”
Like his buddy Comey, Mueller is playing dirty, and has been accused of leaking information intentionally to hurt President Trump, and has vastly overstepped his boundaries by relentlessly attacking Trump’s family and personal finances; this is one of the most egregious violations of not only the law, but of basic human decency, we’ve seen yet.
Judge Jeanine calls out this Russia probe as a “fishing expedition,” and the recent expansion of the investigation into Trump’s business finances shows that Mueller shows that fairness is not his first priority.
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