VIDEO : Kristin Tate SLAMS Jane Sanders for Her Pathetic “SEXISM CARD”

Truly great to millennial conservative Kristin Tate give pathetic Jane Sanders the tongue lashing she deserves!
From FoxNews
On Fox Business Network this morning, author and The Hill columnist Kristin Tate scoffed at sexism claims by Ms. Sanders.
“The sexism card is always the last refuge for liberals with no arguments. This is the same stuff we’ve been hearing from Hillary Clinton and her people for months now. That she lost the election because she’s a woman,” said Tate.
“Justice is blind. It doesn’t know your gender,” Tate added, emphasizing Sanders must be held accountable if she committed a crime.
Tate said Clinton’s main campaign argument was her gender, along with women’s issues, and that the election showed “identity politics are no longer effective.”
Watch the video:
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