VIDEO : Linda Sarsour Just Doubled Down on her Anti-American HATE

Linda Sarsour, the Democrat Muslim woman who called for “JIHAD” against our America First President during a speech at a fundraiser for terror group Hamas, has just upped the game, with more anti-American hate speech.
Sarsour, who has known ties to several terror groups, is also a “pro-Sharia law” advocate, who is pushing for American women to live under sexist and demeaning Islamic law, is now blaming America for ISIS.
Instead of taking responsibility for her blood-thirsty religion, and the so-called “moderate Muslims” who RARELY speak out against the violence from ISIS and other Muslim terrorists, Sarsour is doing what all good liberals do…
Blaming others.

Liberals are unable to take responsibility for anything.
What makes this incredibly sick, is that this woman is actually the FACE of the Democrat feminist movement.
At this point, Democrats are definitely an #AltISIS political party.
Watch the video:

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