VIDEO : NAACP Leader Mocks Trump, then gets DESTROYED By Scripture!

Recently, a group of evangelical leaders met with President Trump in the White House and prayed with him.
That special moment went viral, but one classless liberal NAACP leader, Rev. William Barber II, took the opportunity to make disparaging remarks, mocking and condemning the prayers for Trump as “theological malpractice that borders on heresy.”
This display of left-wing indecency is hardly surprising, although considering Barber IS a Reverend, one might expect a bit more humility and less venom from him.
In response, Lawrence Jones, television host of “The Blaze,” appeared on Fox and Friends, armed with some scripture of his own.
Jones went on to roast Barber, calling his comments “anti-scripture” and speculating on his agenda, which clearly influenced his comments more than his religious conviction.
Watch the video:
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