VIDEO : RACIST Shia Lebeouf Tells Black Cop He’s GOING TO HELL Because He’s Black

How ironic is this?
The disgraced actor and anti-Trump fake artist who popularized the phrase “you can not divide us” turns out to be a massive racist and cop hater.
Shia has been BUSTED on video telling a black officer that he’s going to hell because he’s black.
From IJR

In newly released police footage, actor Shia LaBeouf is heard going on a racist rant and telling a black officer that he is going to hell because of the color of his skin.
“You’re going to hell,” he said. “Straight to hell.”
When asked why the officer is “going to hell,” LaBeouf replied that it was because he was a “black man.”
“That doesn’t mean he’s going to hell,” another officer responded.
“It means a whole lot, bro,” LaBeouf shot back.
The actor went on to accuse the black officer of arresting him because he was “white” and asking others for a cigarette. I
n reality, LaBeouf was arrested for public drunkenness, disorderly conduct, and obstruction in his latest dustup with the law. He is also accused of telling a white officer that his wife prefers black genitals.
Watch the video:

Watch the video of Shia’s DRUNKEN Arrest:

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