VIDEO : Rand Paul Wakes Up Everyday GRATEFUL for Trump

Rand Paul, like most of America, is thankful every day that Trump is our president.

During an interview with “Fox & Friends,” Paul told them that he’s thankful we’re not under Hillary’s rule.
Rand said that if she were our president, there likely would’ve been “war everywhere” and American business would be going downhill.
Paul is completely right, a Hillary Clinton Presidency is a nightmare scenario, and would have resulted in catastrophic conditions for average Americans.
Where President Trump is helping put people back to work, getting businesses back on track, and getting more Americans off government assistance and back into the workforce, Hillary all but promised to finish the job Obama started by breaking the back of the American laborer.
Hillary was also dead set on an all out war with Russia, which could have escalated into a full scale nuclear holocaust, all to appease her globalist masters and war hawk buddies.
President Trump has avoided these conflicts, instead using diplomacy and business savvy to negotiate with people who would love nothing more than to see America destroyed.
Rand Paul is correct, thank GOD for President Trump.
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