VIDEO : Tomi Lahren Has a Message for GOP who Just Screwed Americans Over

You know there’s a problem when our politicians spend more time (and money) to get re-elected than they do working for the American people.
What we’re witnessing is a do-nothing Republican Congress.
We the people gave them the power and control of the House and the Senate, yet they’ve gotten nothing worthwhile done.
They’re blocking our America First President and the will of the people.
The GOP is as bad, or worse than the Democrats, and at least we know what their agenda is.
Why did all of these GOP’ers vote to repeal Obamacare in 2015 when it didn’t matter, but in 2017 when it did matter, they flaked?
These idiots need to go.
Conservative powerhouse Tomi Lahren rips the GOP for their blatant refusal to enforce the will of the people.
Watch the video:

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