VIDEO : Tucker and Larry Elder Ridicule “Maxine Waters 2020”

We think Republicans are handling this all wrong.
We should all pretend Maxine Waters is our worst possible fear and bait her into going for it in 2020.
Come on now, RUN Maxine, RUN! 
From FoxNews
On “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Elder said that Waters was the only member of Congress to write a letter to Cuban dictator Fidel Castro urging him not to extradite convicted cop-killer Assata Shakur.
“She falsely accused the CIA of basically fomenting the crack cocaine epidemic in the 80s and the 90s in the inner city,” Elder went on, “and, of course, she had a meeting with the then-Secretary of the Treasury [Hank Paulson], urging him during the [2008] financial meltdown to bail out minority-owned banks without informing him that she and her husband had a financial interest in one of said minority banks.”
Waters plans to visit New Hampshire this weekend, where she is scheduled to headline the Strafford County Democratic Party’s annual picnic. Her strident denunciations of President Trump, including calls for his impeachment, have made her a favorite among the far left of the Democratic Party.
But Elder said that despite Waters’ self-image as a “champion of the inner city … her policies for inner-city black and brown people are particularly corrosive.
“Black people in particular ought to reconsider their allegiance to people like Maxine Waters, who have done a great deal of damage to the inner city,” he added.
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