VIRAL : “Average Joe” DESTROYS CNN Using His Family Car!

Thanks to amazing undercover reporting by James O’Keefe and his team, the entire world now knows what Trump supporters have known all along.
That CNN is a “SuperPAC” for the Democrats, spreading propaganda and fake news designed to bump their ratings and destroy President Trump.
CNN’s producer admitted on camera that the Trump-Russia investigation was a “fake witch-hunt,” and “bullshit.”
In addition, on-air talent Van Jones was busted on camera calling the Trump-Russia investigation a “nothing-burger.”
Since the report, CNN’s ratings have tanked.
They’re losing to cartoon reruns such as Yogi Bear.
America is having a love-affair with hating CNN.
One “average Joe” decked his car out with a sign, calling out CNN as “Fake News.”
We love this! 

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