VIRAL : Putin and Merkel’s CHILLY Exchange is Breaking the Internet

The most interesting revelation about this article?
Angela Merkel is not afraid of letting ISIS Jihadis infiltrate and destroy her country.
She IS however, afraid of dogs.
While President Trump’s first ever meeting with Russia’s Vladimir Putin galvanized attention at the G-20 summit, an altogether different interaction between two world leaders, and longtime rivals, captured the amusement of the Internet.
Cameras caught an animated conversation between Putin, Russia’s president, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel in which Merkel appeared to roll her eyes at Putin.
Journalists and others quickly reacted on social media and tried to guess the topic of the conversation, and what prompted Merkel’s eye roll.
Merkel and Putin are vastly different leaders who have a long history together.
In one notable interaction, a 2014 New Yorker profile on Merkel recounted that Putin brought his dog into a 2007 meeting with Merkel, who is afraid of dogs.
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