VIRAL : Trump Supporter Shares His NIGHTMARE!

By Dan Egebrecht
Recently I had a dream (more like a nightmare) that after being dead for 150 years, I came to life and was able to walk the streets again. What I witnessed 150 years later after I left this earth did not please me.
I was shocked. A complete Muslim takeover of this country. People couldn’t have dogs or couldn’t eat bacon or pork. The country was now under Islamic law. Sharia law was now in place. Americans could no longer pray to God, but instead pray to Allah. The next generation of kids are being taught this now. Women’s rights were dealt a severe setback under Sharia Law as they were recognized as inferior to men.
I met my great great great grandson and asked him what happened to this country while I was dead. He explained that people were not totally happy with Trump being president and Republicans in control, so voters returned Democrats in charge of this country.
Democrats allowed hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees into this country. They had multiple wives and numerous children, most on government assistance. They sucked the taxpayers dry, turning this country into a socialist country. In exchange, Muslims overwhelmingly voted Democratic, assuring Democrats of reelection and keeping those government handouts coming. The Republican party died out. The Democratic Party was renamed the American Socialist Party.
He also told me that most Americans regret returning Democrats back in control of this country, but it was too late by then. The Muslim takeover was in full swing and their influence was already felt, especially politically. Many European countries banned Muslims when they tried to take over their countries, but some could not as they were too overwhelmed with them and it was too late for them, too. But for Muslims, their greatest victory was the complete takeover of the United States. This was their ultimate goal.
The U.S. failed (or was too brain dead) to see what was happening in Europe. They didn’t pay attention. Trump tried to protect this country from Muslims. Many people, who were knowledgeable about Muslims, were supportive of the president, but Democrats failed to see this. They were opposed to Trump’s Muslim ban and felt it was discriminatory. Democrats took control of this country again and the rest was history.
I apologized to my great great grandson. I explained, when I was alive, this country was very different. It was a free country. It was not a socialist country. We had two political parties, usually one opposed what the other party favored. I grew up in a very different era. I raised my kids to be respectful of this country and what it had to offer.
Many people died for the freedoms we seem to take for granted. I told him that our forefathers would be very disappointed if they could see what happened to this great country. My ancestors came over to this country from Scotland in the early 1600s to escape religious persecution. Instead, now there is Sharia Law, a barbaric law.
I told my great great great grandson the 2016 presidential election was a turning point for this country. Trump was not the perfect or ideal candidate, but people elected him to save this country. It’s unfortunate (and almost scary) it came down to that. Trump tried to save it, but Democrats looked for every other reason (or excuse) in the book to overthrow Trump and Republicans.
Even a Nazi communist, George Soros, who hates the U.S. and wants to bring it down, bribed (paid) people to protest Trump and the Republicans. People in this country “bought” it and voted Democrats back in.
The Muslim refugees came in by the boatloads. The 1952 McCarran Walters Act prohibits “the entry to the U.S. If the alien belongs to an organization seeking to overthrow the government of the Unites States by force, violence, or other unconstitutional means.” But laws mean very little to Democrats. They are out to buy votes and assure themselves of reelection. The destruction of the U.S. was underway.
Those Democrats that allowed the flood of Muslim refugees are long gone, too. All they cared about was being reelected. They had a job for life. But they destroyed this country for future generations. It had changed forever.
I told my great great great grandson I would prefer to return to my grave. I do not want to remember this country as it is now. I want to remember it the way it was when I was raised.
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