VIRAL VIDEO : What Macron Did to Stand Next to Trump is Breaking the Internet

Emmanuel Macron can’t help but look like a little kid among the other G20 leaders.
The internet is laughing at a now viral video of Macron shoving his way through the G20 leaders crowd to stand next to Trump for the group picture.
There is also an awkward moment at the end where Macron appears to embrace Trump with both hands, but Trump doesn’t exactly reciprocate.
The whole thing is pretty hilarious and Macron looks like a kid on “take your child to work day.”
Watch the video:
When Macron finally made it next to Trump he seemed very pleased.
Commenters on reddit cracked jokes and added captions including:
“Is my tie done properly, Daddy?”
“You need to find a woman that looks at you the way Macron looks at President Trump!”
“If I’m a good boy, will you take me out for ice cream?”
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