Washed Up Loser Kathy Griffin Pops Off AGAIN, Gets REAMED by Trump Supporters

Liberal “celebrities” are some of the dumbest, most pathetic people around, and this one in particular is a shining example of everything wrong with the left.
Washed up, D-List “celebrity” Kathy Griffin has landed herself in some hot water recently, after holding up a mock severed head, covered in blood and bearing the likeness of President Trump, Griffin not only found herself the target of every Trump supporter in the country, but also under investigation.
Unable to keep her big mouth shut, and desperate for attention, Griffin popped off yet again on Twitter, this time in reference to the Russian fake news surrounding Donald Trump Junior.
In an embarrassing attempt to stay “relevant,” and craving attention, Kathy has drawn the ire of Trump supporters once more.

These arrogant, America-hating “celebs” like Griffin do not realize that average Americans do not find them funny, and in fact, we loath them.

Of course, Trump supporters were quick to roast Kathy, having not forgotten the disgusting and hateful venom she spewed towards our America First president.
Don't recall taking this photo with Russian intermediary Rob Goldstone, but I am in my Dynasty hat waiting for my interview with Mr. Mueller pic.twitter.com/VZ4iT1SuJX

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