WATCH : Hillary ADMITTED She Colluded with Foreign Leaders Against Trump!

Well, well, well…
This is a stunning admission that the liberal media is sure to ignore, as they do anything that reflects negatively on Democrats.
While everyone is freaking out over Russia’s supposed meddling in the Trump campaign, Hillary Clinton  actually admitted to doing so during her 2016 campaign.
During a questionnaire in Columbus, Ohio, Hillary said she was in contact with foreign leaders who wanted to endorse her in order to “stop Donald Trump.”
Yet again, Hillary thinks she’s above the law.
Considering the way she’s given a free pass from the media for any wrongdoing, who can blame her?
This is just another example of the glaring double standards held in place; had a Republican, especially President Trump or his family, done this, the media would never shut up about it.
Watch the video:

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