Which LOSER Democrat Will Face Trump in 2020?

Don’t let the lying liberal media fool you, they’re running scared.
They know damn well that they have NOBODY viable to run against President Trump in 2020, and they’re terrified.
As the left-wing propagandist media tries desperately to portray Trump as suffering from negative approval ratings, which is a complete lie, they’re frantic to find ANYONE who can somehow face him in the next election, and it’s not going well.
Sure, the left has several potential candidates, but every last one of them is a loser, hindered in some way or the other by their own radical views, and simply unable to reach a large enough portion of the country to be effective.
Who do the Democrats have that can give President Trump a run for his money?
Decrepit old Communist Bernie Sanders?
Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren?
Senile Nancy Pelosi?

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