WHOA! Trump Just Introduced Kim Jong Un to America’s B-1B Bombe

President Trump and the U.S. Military gave Kim Jong Un a little taste of what may soon be coming.
2 U.S. B-1B bombers conducted an exercise in South Korea practicing their attacks.
The B-1B is among America’s most sophisticated and deadly war planes and North Korea has nothing remotely close to match.

Two U.S. officials confirmed that this was meant to send a message to North Korea.
From NBC
Two U.S. B-1B bombers and American and South Korean fighter jets on Friday conducted an exercise that included practicing attack capabilities at a training range, in a show of force to North Korea days after that regime tested an intercontinental ballistic missile.
U.S. Pacific Command said the Lancer bombers took off from an air base in Guam and “practiced attack capabilities by releasing inert weapons at the Pilsung Range.”
North Korea’s actions are a threat to our allies, partners and homeland,” Pacific Air Forces Commander Gen. Terrence O’ Shaughnessy said in a statement. “Let me be clear, if called upon we are trained, equipped and ready to unleash the full lethal capability of our allied air forces.”
Two U.S. officials said the show of force was intended to “send a clear message” to North Korea, ruled by the dictator Kim Jong Un.
This video introduces the full capabilities of the deadly B1-B bomber that may destined for North Korea.
Watch the video:
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