Why is Trump’s Presidential Portrait STILL MISSING from Federal Office Walls?

Why is Trump’s official presidential portrait not hanging on every federal office wall by now?
The election ended in November of 2016, and President Trump took office 6 months ago.
His portrait should be up.
So, why isn’t it?
There’s something missing from the walls of federal offices and courthouses across the country — the face of President Donald Trump.
And the reasons why aren’t quite clear.
Normally, when a new president takes office, one of the first official business orders is to get out the portrait of the commander-in-chief to hang in all the federal offices in the nation, including the courthouses.
That means the 7,000 federal offices of the nation are supposed to have Trump’s smiling face on their walls. But they don’t.
The Hill has the news:
Typically, taking the new portrait photo that hangs in over 7,000 agencies and office buildings around the country is among the first orders of business for a new president.
Once the photo is sent to the Government Printing Office, portraits are distributed via the General Services Administration, as well as a few other agencies, for hanging at entrances and lobbies.
The news outlet reports the holdup isn’t partisan in nature — but that it comes from the Trump administration.
Again, from the Hill:
The issue in the Trump administration is that the White House hasn’t sent a photo to GPO for printing.
“GPO is standing by to reproduce copies of the president and the vice president’s photos for official use in Federal facilities, and will do so as soon as the official photo files are provided to us,” said GPO spokesman Gary Somerset.
Still, the optics aren’t good.
In this day and age of heavy anti-Trump rhetoric, the missing face of the president on federal walls sends a message of distaste.
But historians remind: Bill Clinton took about a year to get around to the portrait priority.
Barack Obama, conversely, got his out in jig time. He took the photo about a week before his inauguration; the orders for the portraits were taken just a few weeks later.
So far, federal offices have removed Obama’s portraits. But there’s nothing officials on Trump to hang in their place.
The Hill, once again:
“It’s one of the very first thing’s that’s typically done, but then again, so is getting your political leaders in place,” said Max Stier, the president and CEO of Partnership for Public Service.
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