WTF??? Boston Public Library Hosts “DRAG QUEEN Storytelling” for Kids

The debauchery of the left knows no bounds.
To celebrate the end of “Pride Month” the Boston public library brought in gigantic drag queens, to host a “Storytime” for young children.
Boston Public Library wrapped up its observance of Pride Month in June by hosting a “Drag Queen Story Time” for young children.
A photo posted by the library shows two men dressed as women. One is seated and reading a story while another stands next to him.
“We’re closing out #PrideMonth today at the Boston Public Library with a Drag Queen Story Time at the Children’s Library, Boston Public Library, featuring The Boston Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence!” the library wrote in June 29th.
The photo showed children, appearing to be 5 or 6 years old, sitting at their feet.
Several locals fumed about the event.
“I’m very angry that tax payers money was wasted to promote hatred and bigotry against religion and in a library of all places, a place of knowledge. How anyone could let their child be part of this debacle is beyond me. I thought we were supposed to be teaching tolerance and respect to our children? I guess that doesn’t apply to Catholics though? Total brainwashing!” Marcia Kean wrote.
“I can not believe that this bigotry of the Catholic Faith is being allowed. What this institution is showing is that we respect all people’s rights UNLESS your Catholic. Then your allowed to bash and trample their beliefs and rights,” Lisette Shields commented.
Meanwhile, Rebecca Camerato wrote, ” Boston Public Library is such a wonderful place with amazing programming! The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are so kind, well spoken, and a wonderful group of creative people. Boston is so lucky to have them reading to our children.
The library did not address any of the 760 overwhelmingly negative comments that appeared beneath the photo.

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