WTF? Media Attacks Trumps Health, Gives Obama’s Smoking a Pass

The media is attacking President Trump on anything and everything they can think of.
The most outlandish critique though is Trump’s health.
Many in the media have accused the president of being overweight.
It’s such a ridiculous and baseless accusation.
But of course, the media was never concerned or attacked Obama, who smoked all through out his presidency.
From The Blaze
Former president Barack Obama smoked cigarettes through much of his two terms in office despite efforts to quit.
He has said he is only an occasional smoker, but doctors say any amount of smoking damages vessels and organs.
Politico has now published a long analysis of President Donald Trump’s lack of athleticism.
They imply that the 71-year-old is not fit or mobile enough, choosing to take a golf cart more often than walking. Mike Opelka, who is a golfer, said on today’s “Pure Opelka” that a player might walk four miles during a typical golf round, which might be more difficult for a man Trump’s age sometimes.
He did admit that “golf is about as aerobic as pinochle.”
But at 6’3″ and 236 pounds, Trump is not medically obese.
Mike asked of the writer, Ben Strauss, “Are you body shaming a 71-year-old man?” wondering why the left gets upset about judging people by their weight and lifestyle in every other instance…except this president.
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