You Won’t Believe the ABSURD CRAP Chuck Schumer is Blaming on Trump

Liberals are quite skilled when it comes to avoiding responsibility for their own crappy actions.
No one can dodge accountability like a Democrat.
It’s never “their fault” that anything goes wrong, it’s always someone else’s mistake.
Case in point, Chuck Schumer, and the “New York SUBWAY disaster.”

Here is a sitting senator from New York, blaming the President of the United States for New York’s transit issues.
Say what, Chucky???
From Allen West
With all this heartache in his state’s largest city to whom does New York’s senior senator point the finger of blame? Himself?

The city’s exclusively Democrat leadership?  Its hyper-liberal mayor, Bill De Blasio?
Previous uber-liberal mayor, Michael Bloomberg? The state’s massive-liberal governor, Andrew Cuomo? Any of the 48 Democrat members of its 51-member city council?
No, of course not. New York Senator Chuck Schumer pinned the blame on Donald Trump.
As New Yorkers’ tempers and patience boil over with the state of their subway system, the man elected to represent their interests tweeted this:

Yup, its Trump’s fault. Schumer, who’s a senator from New York, isn’t to blame but Trump somehow is? Schumer’s blame game is especially hollow because it’s completely dishonest.
Trump did introduce a plan, a trillion dollar infrastructure investment and revitalization plan, that specifically addressed his campaign talking points about putting Americans back to work building and repairing bridges, tunnels, airports, etc., and doing so using U.S. steel, cement and other building essentials (something the man does know a little bit about).
But Schumer and the Democrats didn’t like it, dismissed it out-of-hand and went to war in the press to defeat it because it didn’t provide for the federal funding of abortions.
Once Trump had unveiled the infrastructure revitalization plan Schumer said, “President Trump’s campaign promises on infrastructure are crumbling faster than our roads and bridges.”
So now we have Chuckie trying to have it both ways. It was Trump’s fault for trying to do something about it. It’s Trump’s fault that nothing’s been done about it. Now that’s “leadership.” Way to go, New York.

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