You’ll Never Guess the Political HACK Joy Behar Named Her Dog After…

The View’s Joy Behar, who is an unhinged left-wing psychopath on her best day, just got a new puppy.
Of course, she disgraced the poor animal by naming it after a failed politician, no doubt trying to ingratiate herself further to the degenerate left.
In typical libtard fashion, she named the puppy “Bernie” after political whack job and presidential candidate FLOP, Bernie Sanders.
That poor dog…
Behar is blatantly sucking up to liberals, desperate to earn guest appearances from liberal celebrities and “big name” Democrats, a tactic which will surely work, considering The View is something of a “safe space” for the left.
Considering Joy’s obsession with President Trump, it’s almost a surprise that she didn’t name her dog after him, as her serious case of “Trump Derangement Syndrome” continues to worsen with each day…
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