Alt-Left Leader Vows to CRUSH SKULLS at Peaceful “Patriot Prayer” Rally

The “loving left” is at it again.
A self-proclaimed “leader” of the Alt-Left is getting ready to “crush skulls” at a Patriot Prayer peace rally in San Francisco this weekend.
This nutjob plans to take out as much “Nazi scum” as possible with a baseball bat embedded with nails.
From Infowars
The Twitter user, who goes by the handle @ibPrinceJordan, tweeted, “The Patriot Prayer rally is a nazi white supremacist event. I’ll be their to crush some nazi skulls.”
He repeated the threat in a series of other tweets that have now been deleted.
“Can’t wait! Going to bring this nailed bat for some nazi pounding,” read one.
The user is located in San Francisco, which is where the event will take place at Crissy Field on Saturday, suggesting he does indeed plan to attend the march.
His Twitter bio reads, “Alt-Left resistance leader. iraq war survivor. cute communist & catholic.”
Despite numerous other prominent Twitter users drawing attention to the violent threat, the account has not been suspended.
What makes the threat even more absurd is that organizers of the Patriot Prayer rally have specifically said its aim is to “promote peace, love and unity,” and that racists are not welcome.
The leader of the “Patriot Prayer” rally, Joey Gibson, has vehemently denounced neo-nazis, yelling “F*** white supremacists!” at a recent rally.
Even the SPLC, which routinely tars conservatives with a broad brush, does not consider Patriot Prayer to be a hate group, reports Fox News.
To the alt-left, that doesn’t matter. Anyone to the right of Michael Moore is fair game for violent assault.
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