BREAKING! It’s OFFICIAL! He’s Been Pardoned!

President Trump has just officially pardoned Sheriff Joe Arpaio!

From AZCentral
President Donald Trump has pardoned former Sheriff Joe Arpaio from his criminal contempt conviction, removing the only legal consequences the lawman faced stemming from a 10-year-old racial-profiling suit.
The White House announced the pardon in a news release Friday evening.
Arpaio, 85, was convicted of criminal contempt on July 31, and was scheduled to be sentenced Oct. 5. He faced up to six months in jail.
Trump and Arpaio have enjoyed a cozy relationship since the early days of Trump’s campaign. The two share a hardline stance on immigration, and Arpaio was one of the earliest public figures to offer Trump his full-throated endorsement.
Trump hinted a pardon would be forthcoming during his Tuesday rally in Phoenix.
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