BREAKING : New Eyewitness Evidence Emerges that Charlottesville Was a Set-Up

The mainstream media has been quick to avoid this story, despite Charles Patrick’s best efforts to get it out.
For days, Patrick has been using the internet and social media to get his message out there, and to tell people what an eyewitness friend who was in Charlottesville told him.
Patrick’s friend, who is also African American, has said staunchly that she witnessed something extremely shocking, yet unsurprising.
Charles Patrick’s friend claims that she saw multiple busses, all operating in unison, pull up in a coordinated effort, and the occupants of these busses exited wearing Black Lives Matter gear, as well as others wearing KKK gear.
As Patrick pointed out, why on earth would the KKK and Black Lives Matter be sharing busses?
If what Patrick’s eye witness saw is accurate, it sounds like another classic tactic from the left: bussing in “actors” who play the role of agitators on both sides, in order to escalate conflict.
This is something we’ve seen time and time again from the left, and usually, billionaire-pot-stirrer George Soros has a hand in funding these sneak tactics.
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