BREAKING : Trump Reveals New “Extreme Vetting” Requirements!

President Trump has released information on the new “extreme vetting” procedure that will help to screen potential green card applicants, in an order to keep Americans safe.
This new policy will require applicants to undergo an in-person interview when applying for a green card, something which should have been done long ago.
As we see the rise of terrorism in Europe due to unvetted immigrants, as well as the impact of illegal migration and visa abuse here at home, this move is a relief to the American people.
Thankfully, President Trump is putting Americans first, despite the outcry from the left, who is more concerned with importing massive waves of unvetted migrants than keeping the people safe.
From The Hill
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will now require certain green card applicants seeking permanent residency to undergo an in-person interview.
The requirement is part of President Trump’s call for “extreme vetting” and will apply to workers currently residing in the country under a work visa who wish to become permanent residents, a USCIS spokesperson told Politico on Friday.
Those with family members who are refugees or who receive asylum will also be required to have an in-person interview when applying for provisional status in order to obtain a green card, according to the report.
The move comes after Trump signed a travel ban in January allowing the Department of Homeland Security to apply new vetting measures for immigrants and foreign travelers to keep out potential security risks.
Interviews are already part of the agency’s procedures, but attorney William Stock told Politico that they were often waived for the visa holders.
A USCIS spokesperson told the newspaper that the visa categories requiring interviews will expand in the future, describing the expansion as “incremental.”
The new policy will take effect on Oct. 1, according to agency officials, and will likely lengthen the application process for green cards.
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