Crybaby Acosta Gets SCHOOLED After He Uses the Hurricane to Attack Trump

CNN’s resident crybaby, Jim Acosta, attempted to take a swipe at President Trump yet again, this time using hurricanes to do it.
But of course, it was a complete failure, just like Acosta’s career.
All Jim Acosta is interested in is himself, and he uses whatever he can to promote himself.
Whether it’s attacking Trump, or, well, he basically just attacks Trump, but his goal is to get his own show, and his relentless attacks on the president are merely his “audition” to do so.
From Infowars
Acosta suggested that the President should refrain from calling CNN ‘fake news’ in the midst of a potentially disastrous hurricane:
Yes, that’s correct, Acosta is so desperate for ratings that he attempted to politicize a weather event.
The response was swift, and it wasn’t pretty:
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