Disgraceful Liberals Use Hurricane Harvey to Take Shots at Trump

The left has proven that, yet again, they lack all sense of decency and morality, and are completely unwilling to support President Trump no matter what he faces.
To quote the left-wing loser Rahm Emanuel, “Never let a good tragedy go to waste,” and it seems like liberals are sticking to that mantra; they’ve wasted no time in using Hurricane Harvey to take potshots at President Trump.
Leftist rags like Daily Beast have used the hurricane to come out of the woodwork and mock Trump’s friends and colleagues in the Republican Party, hurling accusations of them “not caring” about victims and believing that the natural disaster is “God punishing us” for homosexuality and other things.
This is sheer opportunist mud-slinging from the left, something they excel at, and have no hesitation doing.
Then, of course, CNN’s resident crybaby, Jim Acosta, made sure to get his daily dose of attention by complaining on Twitter about accusations of “fake news” and how it could “hurt” victims of the hurricane, as if anyone is planning to rely on CNN for help in the first place.
In fact, Acosta was more interested in taking a dig at President Trump than he was in trying to relay helpful information to those caught in the path of the hurricane, and clearly showed that he is only trying to get as much attention for himself (in his desperate attempt to “audition” for his own show) than he is in helping others.
This is no different than when tensions between the United States and North Korea had reached a fever pitch: the lying liberal media gleefully sided with and championed the brutal Kim Jong-un, while mocking and disparaging our president openly.
The sad truth is, the left and the liberal media couldn’t care less about helping us; whether it’s against an enemy nation making threats of nuclear war or a hurricane, these anti-Trump propagandists and traitors are only interested in undermining the president at any cost.
It would come as no surprise, at this point, to see liberals and their lying media sycophants actually blaming President Trump for CAUSING the hurricane, and the average braindead left-winger on the street would believe every word of it!
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