Disgraceful Politico Cartoon Attacks Texans Affected By Hurricane!

While others are focusing on helping the Hurricane Harvey victims, liberal Politico is mocking them.
They tweeted THIS before a major backlash came in and have thus deleted it.
From FoxNews
Politico’s staff cartoonist was heavily criticized Wednesday for a drawing that appeared to mock victims of Tropical Storm Harvey as hypocrites who opposed the federal government despite depending upon it for their survival.
The drawing by Matt Wuerker depicted a Texan in a ten-gallon hat and a Confederate flag shirt being airlifted from a flooded home bearing a sign saying “secede.” The man praises his rescuers as “Angels! Sent by God” before one of them corrects him: “Er, actually Coast Guard … sent by the government.”
Politico posted the cartoon from its main Twitter account Wednesday afternoon, but later deleted the tweet as the backlash rolled in.

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