Eminem Decides to Bash Trump After Forgetting His Own Lyrics

Typical liberal: when all else fails, just bash Trump.
Mid-way through a concert in Scotland, Eminem forgot his own lyrics to the song “Stan” and instead replaced them with an anti-Trump tirade.
Eminem’s been performing that song for 17 years, how the heck can he forget that?!
From The Blaze
Rapper Eminem is the latest celebrity to denounce President Donald Trump. During a concert in Scotland on Thursday, the rapper made his disdain for the president known when he forgot the lyrics to his song “Stan.”
“Ladies and gentlemen, Scotland might have to be our new home, because right now, shit ain’t going too well in the States,” the rapper said, donning a “Fack Trump” t-shirt, Rap-Up reported. “I just want to take this moment right now to say motherfuck Donald Trump.”
The rapper then performed his song “White America,” which was written in 2002 when President George W. Bush was in office, Rap-Up reported.
“I must’ve struck a chord with somebody up in the office / ‘Cause Congress keeps tellin’ me I ain’t causin’ nothin’ but problems . And now they’re sayin’ I’m in trouble with the government / I’m lovin’ it / I shoveled shit all my life, and now I’m dumpin’ it / On white America,” the lyrics said.

Past political declarations

Eminem has repeatedly made his disdain for Trump known.
During the Obama administration, the rapper continually praised President Barack Obama.
“I love Obama. I voted for Obama. Obama is giving people hope,” Eminem said in a 2012 interview.
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