ESPN Has PROVEN How ABSURD “PC Culture” Has Become!

Recently, ESPN came under intense scrutiny for their decision to pull a football announcer named Robert Lee, due to his name being too similar to Confederate General Robert E. Lee.
ESPN’s decision, which allegedly came after a sit-down with several parties involved, shows just how deluded and watered down our culture has become, and it’s sending a bad message.
The fact that this was even an issue, considering that Robert Lee is Asian, and has absolutely no relation to the Confederate General, is absurd.
The message that this embarrassing incident sends to the rest of the world is disgraceful, and shows them that we, as Americans, are focused on trivial and foolish things, and makes us look weak.
While other countries are talking about important, tough issues, we’re trying to figure out what bathrooms to use, what monuments and statues are “racist,” and deciding on what names are “offensive” to viewers; this is pathetic.
Political correctness has crucified our culture, and has turned us into the laughing stock of the world, it needs to end.
America is supposed to be the most powerful and greatest country in the world, the place that everyone else looks up to- now, we’ve turned into the place that everyone else laughs at, and who can blame them?
ESPN should be ashamed of themselves, and so should every network or organization who gets involved in this humiliating game of political correctness one-upmanship that seems to have become the focal point of everyone these days.
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