Fake Pardon Outrage Just Another EXCUSE for Traitor Mccain to Attack Trump

How many more times must John McCain, a traitor to America and an avowed enemy of President Trump, show his true despicable colors before the people have enough?
This wretched, shriveled, bitter elitist has had nothing but negative things to say about Trump, and it’s long past time for him to be “put out to pasture” at this point.
McCain released a statement on Trump’s pardoning of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was unfairly targeted by the Obama administration for doing his job, with the same rage that we’ve seen from the left.
How dare this disgusting little toad publicly criticize our president in such a manner?
In McCain’s childish and treacherous rant, he essentially took up more for illegal aliens than he did for Sheriff Joe, who spent decades of his life serving the community.
This is how the vile Senator McCain treats REAL American heroes; something he would know nothing about, considering he sang like a bird in captivity, and helped the North Vietnamese Communist Army make anti-American propaganda without any resistance whatsoever.
In reality, McCain was just looking for another reason to attack President Trump, and it’s painfully obvious by reading his arrogant and contradictory statement.
While criticizing Trump’s decision to pardon Arpaio, McCain has a lot of nerve; after all, he said nothing when Obama pardoned criminals, terrorists in Gitmo, and thugs.
The audacity of this American traitor has reached a boiling point, and America cannot be rid of this backstabbing globalist elite soon enough.
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